Month: April 2018

Pie Drive Reminder


Club points continue this Saturday with the resumption of weekend rounds after almost 40 members attending in week one.
Those who are eligible for RSM club points are Senior players, Senior managers, Senior coaches and coaches of competitive 12-16 teams, who are adult club members of the RSM club.

Presenting YOUR card during YOUR attendance to the nominated committee member between 6:30 and 7:00pm at the RSM club will reward you with $20 on your card at a LATER DATE usually 2/3 business days.

Some finer points.

⚽️RSM club staff are not “running” or “administering” the system therefore Cobras members are not to approach or harass RSM staff about “the sheet” or timing of credit availability. (Specific request by the General Manager). Any queries directly to the managemant committee.

⚽️Committee member will attend in person, therefore no longer a sign on sheet at front reception.
⚽️Card holders must present only their card to Committee member during this time.
⚽️They will not collect but proof of membership and number is required. Not multiple cards by one person.

This year we are committed to building club spirit and connectedness, bringing all together during this time showing our presence in number on the one night, each and every Saturday night, whether a home or away weekend. Cobra members can stay for a drink, stay for a meal, stay for the music or even the company.

Our first goal is every member, every weekend building a more cohesive, supportive club.