Coaching is a rewarding experience! Coaches are a vital part of any sports club. If you’re interested, Casino Cobras provides access to a range of courses to help you improve your coaching skills. Many of these courses are free or subsidised. If this sounds like you or you would like more information just email us.

Some benefits of being a coach;

  1. Coaching young people of any age gives you the opportunity to have a massive and important influence on the future of that child. As a coach, you will be a positive role model. You will be remembered for all the right reasons and kids will copy your example.
  2. Coach your kids and you get to spend more time with them at something you can help them have fun at AND enjoy mastering new skills.
  3. You get to develop new skills and meet new people! Build contacts in your community and neighborhood. No more lonely nights watching repeats of the Simpsons.. once you’re a coach your social life will go through the roof!
  4. If you’re a student or looking for a job, coaching is a great thing to add to your resume. Coaching demonstrates attributes such as leadership, responsibility, and commitment.. valuable attributes in any job.
  5. If you are a player in a club you’ll get praise from members in the club. You’ll have a greater feeling of engagement with your club!
  6. Many, many more..

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