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1949 'Rebels'
1949 ‘Rebels’ from Back row l-r: M.De Haan, K.Smith, J.Dalmeyer, F.Koning, E.Woonough, S.Pendridge Front: C.Everest, L.Fryer, C.Jackson, J.Davey, ?? Jones.

The Casino R.S.M. Cobras Football Club of today traces it’s origins as far back as 1933 when senior men’s teams from Casino first battled against teams from Lismore.

Soccer was being played informally prior to WW2 in the Lismore area by locals and by teams of overseas soldiers stationed around Lismore in the final years of the war. There were Americans in Lismore and Casino, English in Evans Head, Dutch and Indonesians in Casino and Indians in Lismore.

In 1948 a formal competition began with just four teams: Casino ‘Rebels’, Lismore City (Premiers), Methodist United, Goonellabah-Stars. That number would grow over the successive years as the Rebels continued to participate in the competition.

1949 Entrants
Lismore City (Eastwood United/Workers)
Methodist United (Boomerangs)
Church of Christ Crusaders (Thistles)
Goonellabah Stars
Casino Rebels
North Lismore
South Lismore
1950 Entrants
Lismore City (2)
Methodist United
Goonellabah Stars
Casino Rebels


Rebels Receipt
A receipt issued to Jack Davy, Casino Rebels club president. The “Hon.Treas”, J. Gooch, acknowledged payment of six shillings for “Registration of Three Players for Casino Rebels”, That’s about 20 cents each in today’s coinage. Photo obtained from the collection of Jack Dalmayer.

The Casino “Rebels” (also referred to as the Casino Soccer Club) first game during the 1949 Season was played on the 25th of June 1949 against Lismore City (now Lismore Workers) at Carrington Park, Casino (now known as Queen Elizabeth II Park).

A newspaper report in September 1949 proclaimed: “Casino beaten, but not disgraced.”
“Lismore City downed Casino Rebels 4-1, but Casino attacker Jack Dalmayer, was given little chance to show his ability and mainly played a defensive game. The report continued; “The loss of Casino back Jack Davy late in the first half was a hard blow to Casino. Davy was knocked unconscious when he was struck on the back of the head by a ball kicked by team mate, Stan Pendrigh.”

A major premiership for the Rebels in 1950 would remain the only top grade title for Casino for at least 47 years. Other memorable titles during this early period include: undefeated Third Division Major Premiers 1956; Third Division undefeated Minor and Major Premiers 1977; Second Division Premiers 1980; Premier Division Major Premiers 1997 and 1st Division Minor and Major Premiers 2014.

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